Co-owned by BPO executive, JC Valdepenas, WHITE PALACE SPA started elsewhere but it is in MAKATI City where neighboring cities' massage aficionados have learned to hie off to. Never mind if they currently reside an hour away from Barangay Palanan near Cash 'N' Carry where the spa is, as long as the latter is open in the wee hours, which it is, then a good, reliable massage can be had.

Open from 1:00pm to 7:00am the next day, most of the young professional patrons of WHITE PALACE SPA asometimes make side trips to the shop after late daytime work or just before night shift jobs. The place has a decent sauna, spacious shower rooms, clean individual (non-sharing) rooms for massage privacy, and a complimentary foot wash station upon a guest's arrival. 

Good Therapists

WHITE PALACE SPA prides itself with good therapist retention which a lot of other massage shops are having a hard time experiencing in competitive Metro Manila. Male and female therapists at WHITE PALACE SPA are well compensated, undergo team building sessions, and are exposed to essential seminars by Valdepenas. 

Signature Massage

The real secret to WHITE PALACE SPA's success in MAKATI City, however, is its signature massage called WHITE PALACE Signature Massage with Hot Pack which is a 1 hour and 15-minute massage type. Guests almost always request for it as it's a perfect combination of all massage techniques and manipulations which brings complete relaxation and detoxification. Tossed in the combo are Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai-Yoga, Pinoy Hilot, Hawaiian Lomi-lomi, Facial and Scalp Massage, plus Foot and Hand Reflexology all in one complete body massage.

Golden Globe Awardee

WHITE PALACE SPA is a recipient of the 2014 Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence.

Other Information

Operating hours    Mondays thru Sundays, 1PM to 7AM
Shower Rooms Yes
Steam Room     No
Dry Sauna     Yes
Parking SpaceYes
Home Service Yes
Amenities     Free Wi-Fi access, Secluded area for Body Wash & Body Scrub
Massage Therapists Type    Both Male & Female
Specialty White Palace SPA Signature Massage, Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub Treatment, Foot Reflex
Treatment Area Cubicles / Curtain/Wall Separated Beds * Couple’s Room * Private Rooms w/ Door Lock * VIP Room
Price RangeP250.00 – P950.00



- Top Choice Therapeutic Body Massage Spa for 2016 (National Award)

-Outstanding Customer Service for Quality Health & Wellness Services Provider by Phil. Awards for Customer service & Excellence for 2015 (National Award)

-Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence 2014 (National Award)